The Sessions is a live-platform created to showcase and support bands and musicians online. It started as The Isolation Sessions in march 2020 at the beginning of the corona-lockdown.

The sessions are intended to allow musicians and audiences to enjoy live music in this worldwide crisis on a daily basis. Effenaar promoter Robert Schaeffer: "The Effenaar is the amplifier of the pop culture of Eindhoven and this collaboration fits in perfectly. We strive to bring the passion of the musicians to the audience homes. During the sessions the guidelines of the RIVM are of course meticulously observed.”

The Sessions is a collaboration between Dynamo, Effenaar, Copyright Delta and of course: all the amazing musicians.


De Effenaar is a multifunctional pop stage with two halls, a restaurant-café and its own backyard. However, we also program in places in Eindhoven that enhance the atmosphere of a concert; a skate park, a church, the Klokgebouw or a green part of the city such as Groendomein het Wasven. Besides the concert and dance programming, we organize festivals with international allure such as Eindhoven Metal Meeting, Come As You Are, DDW Music and Fuzz Club.

But we do more than just music. Besides cultural education, business meetings and our cosy restaurant-café, we also work hard as 'Effenaar Smart Venue'. We offer space for innovative, high-tech experiments in the field of virtual and augmented reality, full body scans, 3d printing and big data.


Dynamo is a creative platform for young talent. A youth centre, stage, workshop space and school in one. In a dynamic learning environment, young talent develops at Dynamo in dance, music, art, culture, sports and new media. The subcultures Urban, Rock and Dance are also strongly represented by several volunteer groups.

1418 Allround Media

1418 Allround Media a film and video company with years of experience in making video productions of the most diverse kind. Whether it concerns corporate films, concert registrations in 2D or 360 video, they make a complete product out of it. Besides technical productions they also give advice and training.

Copyright Delta

Copyright Delta builds privacy-by-design digital rights management software enabling content owners to stay in control of their data and copyrights while providing real-time insights. With this we can solve a huge gap in the audio-visual value chain (music, podcasts, video, games, VR). Our solution is the result of a close collaboration with music creators and industry partners while solving their collective needs.

During the corona lockdown we wanted to support the creative sector where we can and especially the Effenaar. We achieved this by jointly designing, building and hosting the Sessions portal with the Effenaar.